When multi-tenant properties are developed, technology service providers obtain easement access to the property’s main equipment facility (phone room). This access right is called ‘Right of Entry or ROE’ and could result in a degree of compensation to the owner. Unfortunately, in a large number of cases, property owners grant the right but receive nothing in return. Our expert team can remedy this and deliver maximum compensation opportunity to our clients.

Touch & Connect can help our clients garner unrealized monetary ROE compensation while also securing ongoing override revenue generated through technology services provided to your tenants.


Our extensive analysis of your current technology provider services will reveal where savings can be gained. Costly mistakes in various feature billings can mount up over time.  Your current costs for fixed common services may include erroneous charges and lack proper discounts. Our expert team has the ability to manage and renegotiate with current vendors on your behalf.

The results can be extraordinary !

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