We design, implement and manage Data Networks, Telecommunications, Information Systems and Mobile Technologies that connect people, grow businesses and drive new revenue sources. This results in improved network efficiencies and reduced costs. Technology inspires us. We believe that through powerful technology, we can help transform many industries, leave a positive impact and create new possibilities for our clients.

Touch and Connect was created to be of service in an unusual support capacity to multi-tenant residential facility owners and managers. While we do not sell the technology products and services we analyze, our exceptional expertise can assure that our clients gain the greatest rewards, treatment and benefits from existing vendor services.

Effectively, most multi-tenant facilities (residential/office/retail) possess hidden savings and/or revenue generating opportunities in the area of telecommunications, internet, wireless and cable provider services.

Our team includes seasoned experts with years of experience in the provision and management of intricate technology services. In short, we have the resources required to deliver substantial benefit to our clients.

Mission Statement:
Touch and Connect Solution offers an expert approach to Telecom, Cloud, IT Services and Wireless; keeping in mind what’s most important to you – saving money, driving new streams of revenue, leveraging best-of-breed technology “solutions” and ongoing oversight.

Reach us at 1-800-59-WORLD (800-599-6753)